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Oz "Free All The Monsters" October 2011 album release dates kindly arrange by Mistletone
- Fri 14 at East Brunswick Club, Melb, Sat 15 at Notes in Sydney. Also played live to air on FBI with Jack Shit
and made a video for Spacejunk with John Morrison.

YES!! thebats.bandcamp.com where you can download Bats songs - check them out for a free
listen and / or donate a bit to the band for future recordings and touring - It's very easy to use and
you have a choice of download quality.
Free All The Monsters, was captured on multi track recorder
during their ANZAC 2010 weekend tour of Australia. You can download a great mix of this for FREE
at The Bats Bandcamp.
We've also added the Bats Don't You Rise 4 track EP, a summer single "Holiday" (originally recorded
for a Social Music 7" single
- a bonus when you subscribe to Social Music - get a heap of records
from the likes of The Clean, June Brides, Jeff Mangum etc...) , "Just Do It" (Bats version of Tall Dwarfs song)
and Minisnap's "New Broom".
Coming very soon a collab between Minisnap and John White of 2 new songs - ones a scorcher and
the other will have you floating on a cloud off into nowhere and ALSO "The Bats At The National Grid"
digitally available internationally.

The BATS played 21st May 2011at CPSA Christchurch Polytech with Von Klap, Nadia Reid and
DJ Skew-Whiff. 1st inner city gig in Chch after Feb 22 quake.
AND 22nd May - Sugarloaf Shakedown benefit gig at Kings Arms with The Bats, Lawrence Arabia,
Street Chant, Drab Doo-Riffs, Dictaphone Blues and Princess Chelsea. Funds raised went towards
supporting Christchurch music via Al Parks, Gap Filler, Wunderbar and Good Vibrartions.

Played Perth Festival late Feb 2011 in scorching heat (38degrees daytime didn't feel much cooler
at night with the stage lights burning! Although better than getting shaken around in Christchurch
- we escaped a couple of days after the big beast on 22nd Feb). Lawrence Arabia (full band) were
in fine support. Great crowd of around 800 to the wonderful outdoor arena near the waterfront.

RECORDING SESSION - Several new songs that The
Bats recently road tested along with a big bunch
of others and a few on the spot jams have now been superbly "captured" at a recording session we did
over a week in mid December. We hired out Seacliff - a backpackers and stables, situated in an old
asylum between Oamaru and Dunedin.
Dale Cotton recorded and co-produced. We'll keep you posted
- very happy with the results - can't wait to get it released but we must be patient - out in October
around the planet.
Here's a short video of a Bellbird that sang to us each day (better for listening than watching).

- Bats played a scorcher - literally ( it was around 38c ) at The Perth Arts Festival in February 2011.
Lawrence Arabia to join them.

- Robert Scott has a fine solo album "Ends Run Together"
recorded by Dale Cotton (on FN) that he
toured in Australia, New Zealand and USA (along with a few Clean dates) during Sept / Oct 2010.

- MINISNAP, due to constant demand from around the planet, have finally decided to combine their
1st two EP.CDR's (In My Pocket and March Hare) into a fully fledged album that will also feature 2
songs from their Cloudberry released 7" (Whistler & Human Error) and Hedge, a fine spare track
from the Bounce Around session. Watch out for news of it's release on Pocket Music within the new year.
Needless to say it's all been re-mastered although most of it sounded fine and didn't need much tweaking.

"We had a very enjoyable NZ SPRING September TOUR and took along Alan Starrett on electric viola

(he composed and recorded the string arrangements on The Guilty Office). We played at
10th - Cook:Dunedin with Death By Silo (features Chris Matthews, Headless Chickens, Children's Hour) & Pine
17th - San Fran Bath House: Wellington with Luc Arnault (Ladybird)
18th - Kings Arms: Auckland with Polaroid (virtually the Bird Nest Roys - little Ross joined them on stage for Ain't Mutating)
on 23 Oct
The Bats played to a massive crowd estimated to be in excess of 120,000 at the
Band Together - Concert
For Canterbury (Earthquake benefit).
Christchurch's mayor, Bob Parker joined the Bats on stage on rythmn guitar for
North By North and the legendary Jordan Luck (Exponents) sang on an old favourite of his, Claudine.
Big thanks to Jason Kerrison and Paul Ellis. Band Together Twitter Youtube

Arch Hill released the Bats album, " The Guilty Office" on December 1st 2008 in NZ.
It's got strings by Alan Starrett! Well some of it has - and a harp. And the cover art is painted by Robert Scott.
It's now also available in USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia and in July in Australia

New CD Cover
MINISNAP's Bounce Around LP climbed the 2008 CMJ Radio Charts in USA - Top Ten action!!

Album review excerpt by Tim Sendra for Minisnap's "BounceAround".
Bounce Around is a thoroughly charming record that captures everything good about the Bats and adds to it...
Woodward is made up of 100-percent sunshine, and Bounce Around is one chiming, bouncy NZ
rocker after another.... "New Broom" is the heavenly pop hit of the bunch, but every other tune is graced
with a singalong chorus and bright melody.... From start to finish Bounce Around is classic New Zealand pop.

REPORT: USA - CMJ RADIO STATIONS - top 10 positions to date
Station Location Position
Bagel Radio San Francisco CA Chart #3
WCWM 90.7 fm Williamsburg VA Chart #3
SCAD-Atlanta Atlanta GA Chart #4
KRLX 88.1 fm Northfield MN Chart #5
WKNC 88.1 fm Raleigh NC Chart #6
WRNC 97.7fm Ashland WI Chart #6
WRUW 91.1 fm Cleveland OH Chart #9
WUMM 90.5 fm Machias ME Chart #10

Minisnap video for New Broom off Bounce Around CD, available physically through Magic Marker & Pocket Music plus digitally through iTunesStores Worldwide.

cartoon Bats
Christian Carruthers crafted an animated video for Flowers and Trees.
Above is a cell from it - Guess who's who in
the above - Bats video plus others are now on our
Videography page
We're still missing a few - if anyone can help us to locate copies that would be fantastic

The Bats at the National Grid
postcard from cd cove

postcard from cd cover


Audio Agriculture CD

above is Jody Lloyd's fine album of remixes and remakes including The Bats Up To The Sky.
He's also been working on a remix of Minisnap's Crooked Mile.

Article and interview at

The Bats At The National Grid is available through

USA Magic Marker
Germany Little Teddy
UK Egg Records
Pocket MusicLtd

NZ label for the Bats, Minisnap, The Archers.

Flying Nun, back under the control of founder, Roger Shepherd, are building up the Bats back catalogue!
Couchmaster, Compiletely Bats, Daddy's Highway are now available and freshly re-mastered.
Pre orders of Couchmaster were surprisingly high, and that was even before promoting it.
FN also have copies of the 17 track Bats Greatest Almost Hits - "1000's of Tiny Luminous Spheres" from 2000.
More re-releases to come soon including 25th anniversary Daddy's Higway vinyl in 2011 and a special CD
or download edition of the very rare 4 Songs 12" EP (North By North, Straight Through My Heart, Get Fat
and Best Friends Brain) accompanying a Barkers T-shirt featuring a print of the original 12" cover art (below).

Sorry - we're out of stock of the USA Don't You Rise 7"EP. Try Slumberland

*STROKE CD goes double Gold. Features fans and friends of Chris Knox from around the world playing
amazingly great versions of his
compositions from his days with ENEMY and Toy Love through to Tall Dwarfs
& The Nothing plus brand new warbles from Chris himself recorded since his stroke.
(here's The Bats version of Just Do It!
on Bandcamp to download and donate)
* Bats played MIP summer outdoor gig (Music In Parks) in Auckland with Datsuns
and Clap Clap Riot . 27 Feb 2010 - Nixon Park
, Kingsland
* Arch Hill celebrated it's 10th Birthday
at Kings Arms on 28th Feb 2010- Bats and
Minisnap played a few songs along with other label mates.
* Bats played, 12th Nov 09. at The Bedford, Christchurch, NZ. BUZZCOCKS,
The Veils and An Emerald City also on the bill!! Buzzcocks partied till dawn at Goodbye Blue Monday.
* Bats played Afternoon In Bed and joined Scribe for the finale at 2009 Silver Scrolls Awards,
Christchurch Town Hall.
* Afternoon In Bed selected for upcoming Keira Knightly movie, "Last Night".
* The Guilty Office is now released in Australia on Mistletone.
Check their great site for reviews
and interviews. Bats headed back to Oz in April. After sell out Melbourne and Sydney shows with
previous tour, Brisbane and an extra Melbourne ANZAC Day festival appearance were also added to the tour.
* Check USA label, Hidden Agenda's site for lots of links to reviews for Guilty Office.
* 4 STAR REVIEW for The Guilty Office in June 09 edition of MOJO

* Go look at PocketMusicNZ YouTube site. Includes links to live clips of the Bats UK/EU tour.

BATS PLAYED DUNEDIN November 2009 7th, 8pm at Sammy's with David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's,
The Puddle and Haunted Love.
3 to 6pm. Spent the Sunday Afternoon In Chicks, Port Chalmers.

* here's where we went on our 2009 BATS UK/ Europe album release Tour - May/June
21st May - London - Windmill Brixton (sold out!!) presented by Stolen Recordings
22nd - London ICA as special guest of Crystal Stilts
THEN Bats at a Twee As Fuck after ICA Party gig, The Victoria - Grove Rd near Mile End station
23rd - Nantes/France - The Spoutnik Bar
25th - Clermont-Ferrand - Le Rat Pack - and videoed Castle Lights for the Sex Room Sessions
27th - Madrid - La Pequeña Bety with Motel 3
28th - Barcelona - Primavera Sound festival
30th - Hamburg - Nachtasyl Theatre with Cats On Fire
1st June - Göterburg - Kning Disk CD Release Party
Sonic Magazine in Scandanavia - plug for The Bats
2nd - Malmö - 21 years late @ the Pickwick Pub (overflowing)
4th - Berlin - Bang Bang Club with Early Days support
5th - Dusseldorf - Pretty Vacant
6th - Amsterdam - Winston Kingdom with Charlie Ash support.
7th - Rouen - The Emporium Galorium
8th - Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire with The Chiltons
9th - Frankfurt - Dreikönigskeller


"The Guilty Office" - out on Arch Hill in NZ, YesBoyIcecream in UK and Europe and Kning Disk in Scandinavia
also available NOW in USA through Hidden Adenda/Parasol (Click here for lots of links to reviews).
Artrocker's Jonathan Falcone reviews the Guilty Office as "twee as fuck" and "this year's Alternative Pop album" 2009.
TV3 John Campbell's chooses Guilty Office as one of his Top 5 CD's of 2008 see Best Albums
Album of the Week in both Feb 2009 NZ Groove Guide AND NZ Sunday Star Times (see below)
"The Bats' finest work"
.. Under The Radar

METRO February 2009
Gary Steel “ ... profound joy and sadness and the richness of everyday experience hide
behind ordinary lives everywhere and The Bats capture that resonance better than ever on The Guilty Office.
A recording of 12 unpretentious miniatures beautifully captured ...”
The Orchard is, simply, one of the greatest pop songs Robert Scott has ever written. - Fire Escape Talking
The Bats - The Guilty Office - By Brock Thiessen, Exclaim, Canada
It's hard to go wrong with the Bats. For more than two decades, this New Zealand foursome have been a stunning
model of consistency, with their albums serving as prime examples of that much-loved kiwi pop jangle.
And The Guilty Office is no exception.
***** highlighted best in The Guilty Office's standout, put-on-repeat title track.

Check out recent interview with Robert Scott and Guilty Office CD review
Bats at SXSW in Austin, Texas with Flight of The Conchords
Bats with Flight of The Concordes

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie massage Peaches feet
at SXSW. She gives the band a big "WOW!! Go The Bats!" .. yes!
Flight of The Conchords interview Peaches at SXSW just
before it's The Bats turn (The doco was great .. beautifully filmed,
captured the feel of SxSW .. but unfortunately we didn't make it to the
screen - editing room floor tagedy !!)
Breaking News - We've
scored the footage of The Bats interview
- keep your eyes out on YouTube for installments


Bats music now shared for a very small price on iTunes
Minisnap also for sale on iTunes

Please don't pinch our music. It doesn't cost much.
Support the musicians you like so they can afford to
record and tour in the future.

The Bats - Heathcote Valley sunshine break during recording

Colin Hogg selects "Mastery" as his pick on National Radio for Best Song Ever Written.
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You can now buy TheBats on iTunes worldwide

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Bats pic at SXSW
Above pic taken in Austin, Texas with Gearwire Guy,
Robert Scott, Kaye Woodward, Malcolm Grant, Paul Kean
during The Bats video interview with Gearwire recorded
at SXSW.

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