Stuff for sale

Sales are available of Foothills, album number 10 for the Bats through our
Bandcamp store

Limited edition colour vinyl has been snapped up from Flying Nun but you may still find a copy at your local record store. Standard black vinyl, CDs and digital formats also available. Release date was 13 November… just in time for Christmas🤪.

Here’s a quick way to own your own digital copy of album #9 The Deep Set to listen to straight away – QUICK download in quality MP3 and many other formats from our Bandcamp store.
CLICK THE COVER (NZ $12 = US $8.45)
The Deep Set.png

Take a short trip to our own digi shop on our FREE virtual buzz bus. Bats rarities, and offshoot band releases from Minisnap and The Archers (with Hamish Kilgour), John White (Mestar, The Blueness) . More being added each month.

Or for vinyl, CD’s and other downloads head to our lovely label or one of our distributors near you around the planet.

Flying Nun Flying Out

Captured Tracks

For some good honest reviews and ratings or all Bats releases go to All Music Guide.


A recent addition to the digi shop is The Guilty Office, originally released in 2009 through Kning Disk in Scandinavia, Arch Hill Recordings in New Zealand, Mistletone in Australia and Yes Boy Ice-Cream in Europe.  This was during a period where Flying Nun were locked away in the dungeons of a major label. Pitchfork have some nice things to say about the album.

We’ve added a few March Hare.jpgextra tracks to the Minisnap “March Hare” EP.

Code2 was an early CDR single from around the time that never got included in an LP or EP. Whistler and Human Error were released by Cloudberry records as a 7inch single. Good price on this as it’s still at the EP rate but is closer to a full album. Feel free to donate extra to help with our future projects.

Little Teddy National Grid.jpg

The Bats at The National Grid
– released in 2005 when Flying Nun were having a snooze. We trust Pitchfork to let you know more about this album.

9 thoughts on “Stuff for sale

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  3. If you ever fancy doing Edinburgh i will personally put you’s up !!!!!!
    From Edinburgh, and caught you’s in Sydney, OZ, whilst visiting family (no coincidence !!).
    Great gig and brother now a convert 🙂


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