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Released tracks samples
Afternoon In Bed 180k MP3
Student radio ID. free full .30sec version
1.RDU promo circa 1990
North by North 172K MP3
Student radio ID. free full .50sec version
2.RDU promo circa 1990
Hubert 540K MP3
Student radio ID. free full .30sec version
3.RDU promo circa 1990

L.P.’s Tracks Producers & Studios
4 track 7" EP
Don't You Rise
  Slumberland - out Nov 2009

Split 7"EP

The Bats/Songs

The Guilty Office

Countersign, Crimson Enemy, Broken Path, Like Water, Castle Lights, Two Lines, Satellites, Later On That Night, Steppin Out, The I Specialist, The Guilty Office, The Orchard.

Rythm tracks recorded at The National Grid's new studio in Heathcote Valley, Christchurch, NZ by John Kelcher. Additional tracks recorded plus mixing & mastering by Paul Kean at Longfellow Studio. Alan Starrat and Katrina Thompson strings, harp and accordian recorded by Mike McLeod at Masonic Lodge, Port Chalmers.

Arch Hill - New Zealand
YesBoyIcecream - UK/Europe
Kning Disk - Scandinavia
Mistletone - Australia
Hidden Agenda/Parasol - USA

The Bats at the National Grid
(CD, Vinyl )

Little Teddy cover
Western Isles, Horizon, Hubert, Bells are Ringing, Single File, Pre War Blues, The Rays, Things I've Seen Before, Mir, Up To The Sky, We Do Not Kiss the Ones We Kill, Flowers and Trees, Crazy Crowd

top - USA, New Zealand, Australia cover of CD only release .

bottom - Germany and UK cover of CD and Vinyl release.

Rhythm tracks recorded to analogue at The National Grid studio, Christchurch with John Kelcher and Paul Kean. Digitised with overdubs and mixing by Paul Kean with input from the band. Mastered by Dale Cotton. Released in USA by Magic Marker, Germany by Little Teddy (with different artwork and also on vinyl), UK by Egg Records, NZ by Pocket Music with Rhythm Method distro, Australia by Reverberation.

Also available through iTunes Music Store

Daddy’s Highway
(CD,LP Cass.)
Treason, Sir Queen, Round & Down, Take It, North By North, Tragedy, Block Of Wood, Miss These Things, Mid City Team, Some Peace Tonight, Had To Be You, Daddy's Highway - (Calm Before the Storm, Candidate, Mad On You, Trouble in This Town, Made Up In Blue were bonus tracks on re-release)

1986,87 Paul Kean, The Bats, Arnie Van Bussel recorded at Reel Time, Glasgow & Nightshift, Chch, NZ.

Alistair Galbraith plays violin.

Law of Things (CD, LP Cass.)
Other Side Of You, Law Of Things, Never Said Goodbye, Yawn Vibes, Time to Get Ready,Ten To One, Mastery, I Fall Away, Cliff Edge, Nine Days, Bedlam, Smoking Her Wings

1988 Brent McLaughlin, The Bats recoded and mixed at Writhe, Wellington, NZ.

Alistair Galbraith plays violin.

Fear of God
(CD, Vinyl, Cass.)
Boogey Man, The Black & The Blue, Dancing as the Boat Goes Down, The Old Ones, Hold All The Butter, Fear of God, Straight Image, Watch The Walls, You Know We Shouldn't, Jetsam, The Looming Past

1991 Nick Sansano
Recorded Mandrill, Ak .& Marmalade, Wgn.
Mixed, Green St. NYNY

Alan Starret plays violin

(CD, Cass.)
Courage, Sighting The Sound, Too Much, Alight From The Rear, Valley Floor, Love Floats Two, Green, No Time for Your Kind, Straight On Home, Before The Day, Stay Away, Drive Me Some Boars, Halfway To Nowhere 1993 Lou Giordanno & The Bats. Recorded, Outpost Stoughton, Mass.Mixed, Carriage House, Stamford, Connecticut
Couchmaster (CD, Cass, Vinyl LP)
Outside, Afternoon in Bed, Around You Like Snow, Work It Out, Train, Land o' Lakes, Chain Home Low, Supernove, Shoeshine, Crow Song, Smorgasboard, Knowledge, It's Happening to You, Lost Weekend, For The Ride, Out Of Bounds & Down To Me

1995 Paul Kean, The Bats, Arnie Van Bussell at Nightshift

Crispin Vinnell plays French Horn

1000's of Tiny Luminous Spheres

Nth by Nth, Courage, Claudine, Afternoon in Bed, Block of Wood, Mastery, Smoking Her Wings, Ride, You have the Right, Seen It All Before, Too Much, Spill the Beans, Black & the Blue, Boogey Man, Tragedy, Made up in Blue, Supernova

various - as above.


CD Singles   
Black and the Blue b/w Watch the Walls 1991 (see Fear of God) 
Boogey man b/w Jetsam and Mama Come Watch (not on album) 1991 (see Fear of God) 
b/w Mind How You Run, Slow Alight, The Wind is Sad (None found on album. 1993 (see Silverbeet) The version of Slow Alight is incorrectly named on Silverbeet and should read Alight From The Rear. It’s a much faster rendition) 
Afternoon In Bed (radio edit) b/w Consider it Sold, Got The Answer, On Your Side (none on albums) 1995 Paul Kean, The Bats, Arnie Van Bussell 
By Night I Go Wild, Jewellers Heart, By Night, My Way, Man In The Moon, United Airways 1984 Paul Kean, The Bats - Nightshift, Chch, NZ
‘and here is.."Music for the Fireside".’ Earwig, Chicken Bird Run, Blindfold,Joes Again, Offside, Claudine, Neighbours  1985 Paul Kean, The Bats - Nightshift, Chch, NZ
Four Songs

North by North, Straight Through My Heart, Get Fat & Best Friends Brain

1988 Paul Kean, The Bats - Nightshift, Chch, NZ

Made up in Blue

1986 Johnny Milton

Point Studios, London

Spill The Beans

Cow print by Pavel Filonov

1993 The Bats & Jerry Kee

Spill The Beans
Empty Head
Make it Clear
Give in to the Sands
Under The Law

Duckee, Nth Carolina also features Mac from Superchunk playing dueling guitar on Empty Head.


7 inch singles
Block of Wood b/w, Calm Before the Storm and Candidate 1987 Paul Kean, Arnie Van Bussel, The Bats - Nightshift, Christchurch, NZ
Smoking her wings b/w Mastery and Passed By 1988 Brent McLaughlin, The Bats - Writhe, Wellington, NZ.
Compiletely Bats (CD, Cass.) 1990 (see EP’s)  

Black and the Blue

b/w Watch the Walls

1991 Nick Sansano (see Fear of God)

Under The Law

b/w Spill the Beans & Sir Queen 1994 The Bats - Duckee, Nth Carolina - Merge release
live at WFMU - includes Nth by Nth, Sir Queen, Block of Wood, Sighting the Sound 1993 - recorded live to air @ WFMU
All the above have been released by Flying Nun NZ and the albums have been available through Mushroom in Australia & UK and Mammoth Records in the USA (no longer with Mammoth). Virgin and Rough Trade have at times distributed in Europe; Relativity and Communion in USA and Festival in Australia and New Zealand.
Several tracks can be found on various compilations released around the world including, Tuatara (FN), Let’s Try Another Ideal Guesthouse, In Love With These Times (FN), Diamonds and Porcupines (Beat all the Tambourines), Getting Older (FN), Let Them Eat Pavlova (Les Inrockuptibles), Pink Flying Saucers Over the Southern Alps (FN) Un Printemps 95 (Les Inrockuptibles) Mushroom Sampler.
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (FN)
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