The Bats have been active with the same line-up since New Year’s Eve 1982. They’ve released 10 albums, 6 EP’s and a heap of singles. They have regularly toured in their home country of New Zealand (where they are based) USA, EU, UK and Australia.

BATS-about-usThe Bats at the Seacliff Asylum studio session recording their 8th album, Free All The Monsters in 2010.  (right to left) Robert Scott, Kaye Woodward, Paul Kean and Malcolm Grant.

Take a look at the video for It’s Not The Same to see some more details of the studio and a glimpse of Dale Cotton who recorded and co-produced with the band.

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  1. saw the notice on FB and dutifully followed the link. this is fantastic, and would only be more fantastic [or is that “fantasticer”] if there were a tour stop noted for washington DC or nearby environs. 🙂 thanks for your hard work and your beautiful art.

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