• Some great poster artwork is emerging from The Bats European and UK venues.
  • The Bats London show at The Lexington on 17th June has apparently just about sold out already. Bats London support crew are looking into a bigger venue for the night. Stay tuned for announcement on 24th March
  • New Zealand Tour Dates announced. Dunedin kicks off the tour well in the lead with The Bats playing as a 6 piece on 25th March at Nga Maara Hall – there will be a bar and some food available as well as an outdoor space the the smoking inclined.
  • The 6 piece will re-group in May to take on the North Island starting with Meow on 18th with Mr Amish then Hamilton at Nivara Lounge with Ancient Tapes and Scones finishing up in Auckland on Saturday 20th at The Bats favourite home away from home, Kings Arms. Love the garden bar area – GO TO UTR for tickets
  • Bats EU / UK Tour announced. GO TO GIGS PAGE for details.

Video – No Trace – Song written and performed by Robert Scott / The Bats
Producer – Annabel Kean
Director – Andrei Talili
Director of Photography – Scott Jackson
Editor – Joseph Harman
Starring Maeve, Otto, Hannah and Isla
Thanks to Marg and Chris for use of their lovely home.

  • Fri 27 January. The Bats did some bat gazing in Melbourne last night after a fine interview on RRR. Playing Northcote Social Club tonight. We hear there are a few tickets left.
  • A new video for No Trace has been released. We’re gathering info about who did what from the producer.
  • Bats news team have been re-structured after focussing too much on FB and Twitter. Normal reporting will return in due course.
  • Thurs 16 Nov – Sydney Festival have announced they will host The Bats for their The Deep Set album release show. 1st digi single AND a Melbourne concert too!! Click here to see Sydney Fest, hear sample from the album and more.
  • Tues 25 Oct – no news day.
  • RePort, a collection of Robert Scott’s songs has been released through Thokei Tapes 
  • New album, The Deep Set, looks a little longer off before release due to US pressing plant delays. Flying Nun informed us they’re waiting on the test pressing which is due any day now – once that gets the thumbs up it will hopefully be out on vinyl, CD and digital within the month.
  • In the meantime, a digi single is being selected for imminent release.
  • A re-pressing of Daddy’s Highway LP (currently out of stock) is in the pipeline for 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Bats first full length album. (30 years?!)
  • The band are planning to select a few songs for the setlist for the next tour that haven’t been played live for a good 20 years. What would you like to hear live from Daddy’s Highway?
  • Weds 5 Oct
    Bandcamp have announced that they will now accept credit or bank/debit cards to purchase digital albums and tracks along with their usual PayPal service.