A Bats Christchurch warm-up gig has been announced for 26th January at Space Academy before “The Deep Set” album release tour to Australia. Tickets on sale at Under The Radar. The Bats will be joined on stage by string players, Mikey Summerfield and John Chrisstoffels who will also head over to Australia with the band.


The Bats Australian shows.

Sydney Festival – 29th January 2017 TICKETS

Melbourne – 28th January 2017 TICKETS


RDU’s 40th Anniversary, Canterbury Museum, 2016

Songs from soon to be released “The Deep Set” album got the live treatment.
Most recent show for the Bats was to celebrate our Christchurch student radio station, RDU’s 40th anniversary at the Canterbury Museum which was transformed into a venue. We were surrounded by the excellent RDU exhibition.

We enlisted John Chrisstofels and Mikey Summerfield to accompany us on strings on the night and hope to do so again when we tour. They also recorded on The Deep Set sessions (new album) with The Bats and we featured a few songs from that live which went down very well.

The Others Way.jpg

The Others Way, at The Studio in Auckland, 2015


Bunk Bar, Portland Oregon 2013

The Bats are planning “The Deep Set” album release tour for NZ and Australia during Southern Hemisphere summer. Keep a watch out for updates.

Minisnap are booked for Nostalgia Festival 2017 in Christchurch.

Looking for festival dates for spring in the Northern Hemisphere for 2017. That’s May/June.

Please contact The Bats Touring if you are a promoters, booker or otherwise if you can connect us with your favourite festival in your neck of the woods.

6 thoughts on “Gigs

  1. Hello! For a festival in the Northern Hemisphere in May/June, check out the Caribana Festival in Switzerland (the better French-speaking side 😉 ). I think there are 3 or 4 stages, we saw the Pixies there last year. Also Bad Bonn Kilbi that has an alternative rock emphasis. Cat Power, Mogwai and Sonic Youth have played there recently, and also lots of small obscure groups. Incentive: I think you earn more money in Switzerland hehe. Hope to see you in Switzerland!


  2. Hi Elizabeth, sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been out of range for messaging and emails. I’ll reply to your email message regarding the interview. Very happy to do that as soon as possible.


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